The difference between an original drug and a generic

A generic is a drug that reproduces a cheaper version of a famous brand-name drug. Its composition, in such a case, is as close as possible to the composition of the original. The reason for the peak of popularity of generics and the emergence of new large manufacturers engaged in the development of such medicines was the establishment of high costs for the provision of medical services in Europe. Generics became widespread due to their low price for the same, in essence, therapeutic effect that a person receives using the original drug. This, in turn, has made the treatment available to everyone, regardless of their financial status and social status. You can buy such drugs here

Generic – fake or duplicate?

To date, the volume of sales of generics has increased so much that in the domestic market the share of these drugs is plus or minus 90%. An untrained person will find it very difficult to distinguish the original drug from the generic, which is why today the majority of the pharmacy range is made up of generics. If we approach the question from the technical side, the generics can be called a fake because manufacturers knowingly copy the package design of the original, its name, changing just one or two letters, trying to bring as close as possible to the original even in color or shape.

But in terms of quality, the generic is not so much a fake as a duplicate. Why? Because at its core, it contains an active pharmaceutical ingredient similar to the original.

Generic versus brand-name medication. Differences and similarities

The difference between the original drug and the generic lies only in the quantity and quality of the excipients included in the generic and the production technology. This does not mean that the drug is produced in some Indian pharmacist’s shop, in the most artisanal of ways. All generics are mandatory certified and tested for pharmaceutical compliance with the original, the quality and safety of the drug. And the companies that produce the drug have all the necessary medical licenses. You can buy these medicines at the best prices on the website

Natural drug for increasing the potency

Faced with the problem of fading sexual desire or the emergence of erectile dysfunction, the first thing that comes to mind as an effective way to combat this is a synthetic pharmacological means. In particular, Viagra is the most hyped of the drugs. This means that you have to know how to control the level of physical activity of your body, how to control the level of physical activity of your organs and how to control the level of your vital functions.

Biologically active food supplements

In the fight against declining sexual activity all remedies are good. So, in addition to natural, natural remedies that enhance potency, there are a number of biologically active supplements that are easy to use and do not have any side effects.