About Us

Many consumers do not understand the part that affiliates play in the online buying process.Our goal is to transform the way that affiliate marketing is viewed by educating consumers in a clear and concise manner about this widely used marketing method.We don’t believe that affiliate marketing should be a hidden secret in the online buying process.

When looking at reviews and comments made online, we believe that it is important that the consumer is not in any way misled by who has written it and why, and in the case of affiliate marketing, that the reviewer may be receiving payment for promoting that product.

This is why we are actively encouraging affiliates across all networks to adopt a best practice approach to their marketing in an effort to dispel any consumer confusion and reservation over such marketing techniques by being transparent, open and honest.

We have designed a best practice framework which we are encouraging affiliates to adopt. This framework helps affiliates to market in an honest, legal and ethical way.One of the key features of this framework is a disclosure policy which we believe all affiliates should adhere to.

This means clearly disclosing to consumers on their websites that they are an affiliate, meaning that consumers are made immediately aware of this as soon as they visit a site. We ask that the disclosure also provides a link to us here at www.affiliatedisclosure.com , where the consumer can learn all about affiliate marketing and the role it plays in the online buying process.