What to do after the Dianabol cycle?

The origins of Dianabol goes back to the 1950s in the United States. It owes its popularity to how quickly you can see the results, both by total amateurs who have just signed up for gyms and professional bodybuilders. Everyone will find something for themselves in this anabolic.

It should not be used for more than 6 weeks because it is hepatoxic and becomes ineffective after this time.


The most common doses for this steroids is 10-20 mg per day. Better to take pills in 2-3 portions, during or after meals, to prevent gastric side effects like gastric pain or digestion problems. Most courses start with a dose of 10 mg per day, or 2 pills of 5 mg. Then, you may want to increase the dose to stimulate your muscles to grow. But this decision isn t the best for your health. High doses of Dianabol will not pay off, it is better to combine this drug with different steroids. Good steroids to combine Dianabol with are various Testosterone ethers, or Deca-Durabolin.

Unwanted effects

Like all steroid drugs, Dianabol has toxic effects on an organism. Definitely, it all depends on a dose of a steroid – the higher doses will be, the more unwanted effects an athlete will experience. But this rule isn`t working in the case of hepatotoxicity. Even a single dose of Dianabol – 10 or 5 mg – can seriously harm your liver and lead to medical hepatitis. Of course, this isn`t common, but many athletes develop liver damage after regular use of this steroid drug. Below we will list helpful things, that can prevent liver damage. Source: https://anabolicmenu.ws/global-anabolic-dbol-5mg-1000-pills/

Due to the quick growth of bodyweight, these side effects can occur:

  • high blood pressure – because of an increased blood volume
  • increased heart rate
  • gynecomastia – due to a high chance of water retention in an athlete s body
  • growth of fat deposits – Dianabol isn t causing muscle growth only

What to do after the cycle?

During the Dianabol cycle, you must think about liver protection. To avoid liver damage, you should apply hepatoprotection drugs during the cycle, as well as after its ending. Usually, bodybuilders choose Liv52, Essentiale forte, Esseliv – 1-2 pills on each Dianabol tablet. After the end of the cycle, it is best to take Hepatil (as described on the packaging). Lecithin also has a great hepatoprotective effect and can be used in combination with the drugs listed above.

In 12 hours after taking the last dose, you should start Post Cycle Therapy to restore the hormonal secretory function of your body. For this purpose, you should use Clomid or any other antiestrogenic drugs. If you ll choose Clomid, the proper dose for a PCT will be 50 mg per day during 7-10 days.

PCT therapy is a must for any athlete at the end of the steroids course. The action of steroid drugs is not only a great body with defined muscles. They work by changing the secretion of our own hormones, especially testosterone. So after the course ends, you may feel symptoms of a testosterone deficiency – weakness, changes of mood, loss of appetite, problems with erection and a decreased sex drive. These symptoms occur because of estrogen action. To avoid such side effects, you need to do a proper PCT.

At the end of the cycle, you should make sure that the effects obtained during the cycle do not loss immediately after its ending. In the last week of the cycle, you shall start supplementation with creatine and continue it for up to 6 weeks after the cycle. Also, you might want to slightly reduce the volume and intensity of training and limit the consumption of macronutrients, especially on days off from training. The effects of the cycle depend primarily on the fulfilment of basic factors –  diet, well-thought training and regeneration.